As a result of COVID-19, KEY Project has closed our facilities and programs. However, we believe that KEY Project is a vital community resource center that provides critical support for our most vulnerable populations. It is with great pride, that even during these uncertain times, we can continue to offer some stability and support to our community with distribution of prepared meals and food supplies, as well as serve as a community resilience hub collecting donated PPE from the community, to distribute to our social service organizations who work with homeless, domestic violence, and mental and behavioral health populations.

Over the course of many generations, KEY Project has established meaningful relationships with partner organizations, philanthropic funders, governmental agencies and others to extend our reach and create opportunities and support for our community – keiki to kūpuna. In our COVID-19 response, please note the network partners we are working that enables us to continue to serve you.

While we plan to serve the community in this capacity, we are also reminded of our history and progress in reinvigorating our network and influence to support food cultivation and security for Koʻolau and beyond. We are united in the notion that “we are better together” and that we will overcome these trying times.