Kālua Your Thanksgiving Turkey

This year due to COVID-19 restrictions we will not be allowing community members to place their own items in the imu.  The Imu ticket this year includes the turkey!   Be sure to select a foil pan in the options at check out or remember to bring your own pan the day of pick up.  Pick up will take place on Thanksgiving day 11/25 from 8:30am-9:30am at KEY Project. All proceeds from the cost of the ʻimu ticket goes towards KEY Project’s Randy Kalahiki Scholarship Program and services. See the flyer below or click here to purchase on 10/15/21

For over 30 years, KEY Project has offered the community a space to cook their Thanksgiving turkey in a traditional Native Hawaiian underground oven – called an ʻimu. We are proud to continue the traditional and cultural practices of this ʻāina and to perpetuate the practice of preparing the ʻimu, lighting the ʻimu, and working together to cook a meal that families have lovingly prepared for this moment. The idea of food and preparing a meals together transcends all cultures and we value these traditions.

How You Can Help

  • Wood Donations: Mango, Kiawe, Guava, Lychee
  • Volunteer: Contact our office at 239-5777 for volunteer dates and hours.
  • Sponsor: Match a portion of the proceeds to benefit KEY project or sponsor a dish for our volunteers.

Did you know? If you plan to have your own imu, you must call 723-FIRE before lighting it, to warn the fire department